Alum Shutter and Glass

Case Study

The Problem

Established in 2005, Alum Shutters and Glass has aligned itself with the top South Florida windows and doors manufacturers to bring customers high quality products at affordable prices.

The brand came to us in need of new advertising avenues, as well as create and optimize a new WordPress website.

The Services

  • Development
  • Search Visibility Optimization
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Adwords Advertising
  • Email Marketing

The Solution

With our multi-channel approach to digital strategy, we created a cohesive marketing blend to cover all the bases: 

  • SOCIAL. Utilized internal, lookalike and interest-based audiences in a variety of conversion and traffic based campaigns.
  • EMAIL. Creation and integration of Welcome, Email Nurturing, and Customer Winback automated e-mail flows.
  • SEARCH. Utilized a combination of search and display campaigns across the Google and Bing ad networks.
  • SEO. Analyzed for SEO & conversion optimization on a new WordPress site built for conversion.
  • DEVELOPMENT. Ongoing development to facilitate the client’s need for unique UX solutions and a consistent, varied dealer acquisition strategy.

The Results

Strategy drives the numbers, and the numbers inform the strategy. We’re constantly working to improve both.

Check out some highlights of what we were able to accomplish for Alum Shutters:


Year over Year


Average Return on Ad Spend


Average Monthly Impressions


Average Clickthrough Rate on Paid Channels