Web Developer and Good Practices

Every Web Developer has a Process

The work of a web developer isn’t simple. However, if it’s done correctly it can make a huge difference in placing your business ahead of its competitors. There are guidelines and good practices at the time of developing a website that guarantee the effectiveness of the project and its impact on the internet.

Before starting a a project, a web developer plans the whole process beforehand and to define objectives, whether it is providing information, selling products and/or services, or as a portfolio. It’s also important to establish the demographic you want to reach, the web design depends on it.

A web developer knows that site navigation is also an area that requires emphasis. The web design and development should create easy website navigation and it should be intuitive. You should also take into consideration people with visual disabilities or that use text recognition softwares to read. Therefore, you can’t overuse images with significant content. Keep in mind at the time of web development that useful information should be for the most part in live text.

Web Developer and the art of Web Design

Information is the asset of a web developer and of a well crafted website design. The text that appears on the website, its web content, is what search engines will use to index the page, therefore, a web developer need to make sure the web content that appears on the website is original and relevant text, and it needs to be in agreement with the website’s mission. Each page needs a minimum of 250 words. It is recommended to have different people read the website content before publication to ensure we are getting the desired results.

Then, to achieve good website positioning, a title and description should be used on each page. HTML semantics (h1, h2, h3, em, img) is recommended since javascript or flash overload the page and slow its loading time and visualization in mobile devices. Also, the use of friendly URLs and the creation of sitemaps to send to the search engines is encouraged to speed the indexation process.

The website is encountered by visitors first, therefore, you need to be very careful during your web development to balance your text, colors, graphics, and font size. It is useful to check your competitors’ web designs to get inspiration, create sketches, template ideas, whether they are PSD, HTML, or developed to be used by CMS. In addition, the use of CSS guarantees compatibility with all web browsers and standard tags.

Once the web developer has finished the project, it is advisable to do follow up work using different support tools that are offered for free by Google like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. These are just some of the steps I use as a web developer when I approach a project.


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